Switchable solar control glass: Light Transmission improved

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EControl-Glas at glasstec 2012

Continuous development: EControl presented new product generation / More daylight / EControl showed structural glazing at the special exhibit

At glasstec 2012 in Düsseldorf, Germany, EControl-Glas (Plauen, Germany) introduced with ECONTROL 55/12 their new generation of switchable solar control glazing. The major novelty: Daylight transmission when switching the electrochromic glass to a light shade has been noticeably increased. “We keep improving our product continuously. The increased light transmittance significantly broadens the range of application for architects. This makes our glass more than ever one of the most innovative glazing solutions for residential building and sustainable object architecture,” said EControl CEO Dr. Hartmut Wittkopf, happily.

The main topic of the special exhibit “glass technology live” (hall 11/C28) was new applications such as trendsetting facade designs that were shown as mock-ups or large-scale models. It was here where EControl presented their switchable glazing for the first time ever as a large scale structural glazing facade as part of a project study.

EControl not only continuously improves their glazing but also their automatic control: With “EC Comfort” the glass is controlled automatically via information that is fed from connected outdoor sensors. If a predefined limit (e.g. surface temperature, outside temperature, precipitation) is reached, the control will automatically switch the glazing to a darker or lighter shade. This way the energy input and daylight transmission are controlled automatically and individually for each room. “This automatic control is particularly interesting for large-area facades of office buildings. Such rooms require consistently ideal temperatures yet as much daylight as possible”, explains Wittkopf.

For more information, please visit www.econtrol-glas.de or www.facebook.com/econtrol.glas.



The new generation of ECONTROL switchable solar control glass with improved daylight transmission premiered at glasstec in Düsseldorf.

Photo: EControl-Glas


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ECONTROL at the glass technology life.

Photo: EControl-Glas


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