When Industry 4.0 begins in the outer shell of the building…

Dimmable ECONTROL glass for the building of the future

The Festo-AutomationCenter combines aesthetics, technology, energy efficiency and sustainability

With its new AutomationCenter, FESTO AG & Co. KG (Esslingen) has entered into a new era. The highly modern sixteen-floor building offers 400 members of staff space for innovation and the development of new customer solutions. The high-rise building with its rhombic cross-section is an architectural highlight that also has impressive “inner qualities”. The sophisticated, sustainable concept provides for maximum energy efficiency with a combination of innovative technologies. On the façade, around 1000 square metres of dimmable glass from the company EControl-Glas (Plauen) make their contribution to the building shell of the future. Utilized in the 441 parallel-vent windows, the glass enables an unobstructed view to the outside at all times, whereas with traditional solar control glazing the internal shading spoils the view – especially during the best weather.

Festo is a leading company worldwide in automation technology and in technical training. Since its foundation in 1925 it has had its headquarters in the engineering town of Esslingen. Here, a new company symbol has been created with the construction of the AutomationCenter. With its height of 67 metres, the high-rise building can be seen from far away. Its unusual cross-section in the form of a rhombus also attracts attention, even from a distance. The highly efficient energy concept of the new Festo building is as impressive as its outstanding architectural quality.

Sophisticated architecture meets sustainability

The dynamic architecture of the AutomationCenter builds a bridge between usability, efficiency and functionality. The outer form reflects what takes place inside: aesthetics paired with sustainability. The rhombic cross-section resulted not only from aesthetic considerations but also serves to optimize air flow in the energetically autarkic building. The building automation in the Center encompasses the entire technical infrastructure: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical systems, lighting, shading, control of people entering the building, security and energy management.

More transparency: intelligent glass façade

The air-flow-optimized, pneumatic, ventilated façade has a total surface area of 8,500 square metres and largely consists of glass. This provides openness and transparency. A fascinating aspect of the façade is its changeability: it displays its various facets depending on the season and the amount of incident daylight. Especially in summer, around 1,000 square metres of glazing shimmer in a mysterious blue, which not only reflects the colour used in the company’s logo but also has a very practical purpose. The source of the blue shimmer is the dimmable electrochromic glass ECONTROL, which allows the amount of light and the energy entering the building to be varied. The view to the outside, especially in good weather, is an experience. Natural ventilation is also possible at any time as the windows with ECONTROL can be opened manually.

ECONTROL: glazing 4.0

The dimmable electrochromic glass is used in the construction of the 441 parallel-vent windows of the building. Its colour can be changed by the building control technology, steplessly and automatically, from light to blue. On each floor and façade, seven room-high window elements provide open communication with the outside world, even when the windows are in a darkened state.

“ECONTROL is a future-orientated component for a classical façade solution that meets high-tech demands”, says Andreas Beccard from ˈpriedemann fassadenberatungˈ. Because of the exposed location, the building cubature, the efficiency and FESTO’s corporate identity, a single-layer, completely preassembled element façade was the obvious choice for the AutomationCenter – a second curtain-type glass layer or the use of blinds were out of the question for the building concept.



Credits board

FESTO AutomationCenter

FESTO AG & Co. KG, Esslingen

Object address:
Festo Campus 1, 73734 Esslingen, Germany

Ulrich & Jens Jaschek, Stuttgart

Façade planning:
priedemann fassadenberatung GmbH, Großbeeren/Berlin

Schindler Fenster + Fassaden GmbH, Roding

Glass product:
ECONTROL smart Type 50/10 (ca. 1,000 m2)

Glass manufacturer, dimmable glass:
EControl-Glas GmbH, Plauen



Depending on the season and the amount of incident daylight, the glass façade of the AutomationCenter changes its appearance and displays all of its architectural facets.

Photo: ©Festo AG & Co. KG, all rights reserved


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The transparency of the glass façade provides openness and enables communication between the interior and the outside world.

Photo: ©Festo AG & Co. KG, all rights reserved


Download (300dpi)

The dimmable ECONTROL glass used in the parallel-vent windows keeps the heat out but the rooms in the building remain pleasantly light. An interaction with the surroundings is possible at all times.

Photo: ©Festo AG & Co. KG, all rights reserved


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